EG95EX call process

Hi everyone.

I have a EG95EXGAR08A03M1G module.

  1. When I set operator selection to LTE only, I cannot make calls.
    Below is the log. Please tell me where is wrong.

  2. Does this module support VoLTE?
    Please give me some documentation about VoLTE.


[2021-08-19_13:11:13:308]+QNWINFO: “FDD LTE”,“45204”,“LTE BAND 3”,1700
[2021-08-19_13:11:22:064]+COPS: 0,0,“Viettel Viettel”,7

hello there
After you have make sure your SIM card support volte feature, you can execute at+qcfg=“ims”,1 activate volte feature, then reboot the module and dail the call, thank you.image

Hi @Duncan.Xu-Q.

Thanks for your support!

I have done all the steps you suggested but I can not make a call over LTE.
Follow is the log below.


My phone number supports VOLTE. when I insert my sim in my phone I can make A call over LTE.