EG95 Usb Enumeration Issue


I have a board with an EG95 connected via usb to a MCU (nxp RT1061). It works great as long as the usbnet mode is left at default 0 (AT+QCFG=“usbnet”,0). However I would like to use the RNIDS mode. When changing to AT+QCFG=“usbnet”,3 the modem fails to enumerate on the usb bus. Changing back to 0 causes the enumeration succeed again. I have tried to power cycle the modem etc after changing but no matter what I try I get the same problem. Also tried the other modes with the same result, only 0 (RmNet works and enumerates).

What am I missing?


In case someone else has problems with this.

Turns out that when switching to another usbnet mode the module does not replace interfaces but adds interfaces. This resulted in to many interfaces and or endpoints for the usb host i’m using causing the enumeration to fail. It is possible to turn off interfaces that are not used with AT+QCFG=“usbcfg”. After doing this the modem enumerates correctly in all modes.