EG95 Upgrade firmware

Hi Guy.

My name is Dai. I am working in the G-innovation corporation. Now I have a project using the Quectel EG95-EX module.
Everybody tells me how to upgrade firmware for this module.
do this module support FOTA?


You can use QFlash tool to upgrade firmware.

HI, Issac.Wang-Q

Thanks for your support!
But I still have a question.
do this module support FOTA or DFOTA?


BG95 support DFOTA, I email user guide to you.

Hi, Isac.Wang-Q.

Please send it to my email “”.

Many thanks!

Hi, Issac.Wang.

Sorry, I have a mistake when I typing the header.
Our module using is the EG95-EX module, not the BG95 module.
can you give me the DFOTA Application Note of the EG95 series?


ok, I will send it to email

Thanks bro! @Isaac.Wang-Q

Hi @Isaac.Wang-Q

The version firmware of my module is EG95EXGAR08A03M1G.
is this the last firmware?
Can you send me other firmware of the EG95EX?
Or instructed me on how to download the other firmware.