EG95 switching between antennas

Our LTE board is using the EG95 modem and has the option to switch between an internal antenna and an external antenna (SMA antenna) via an RF switch. The modem however doesn’t differentiate between the two antennas, since there is only one antenna output line.

A scenario:

  1. A poor connection to the cell network exists over the internal antenna.
  2. An external antenna is plugged in and the user switches the RF switch to the external antenna.
  3. At this moment, the modem itself still doesn’t know that the antenna has been switched.
  4. With which AT command can the network search be triggered on the modem? - Does this happen automatically? Or is a reboot of the modem necessary?

This scenario is hypothetical or real. For the module, replacing a bad antenna with a good one is equivalent to moving from a bad network scene to a good network scene, which automatically initiates a web search. You can also run AT+CFUN=0/AT+CFUN=1 to re-register the network.

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