EG95-NA Config self reset?

I have several stations that have a RAK2013 from RakWireless which uses an EG95-NA with a bridged network to a LAN over ethernet. Yesterday I had a unit go down and was not accessible remotely. I had a tech bring the unit in and from what I can tell the modem had returned back to stock setting. I run the serial port connection at 921600 baud and also set the MBN file to “autoselect.” When I first logged into the unit and connected to the serial port the modem was running at 115200. I reset the baud to the intended speed and then I had to reconfigure the MBN before i could successfully dial Verizon again.

Is this something that happens and how can I prevent it? The unit has been deployed for over a year and has had no issues until this weekend. Thanks for any thoughts on this.

Hello, your operations are all correct, because you have restored the appearance version, it must be reconfigured. When you reproduce again, you can provide the log, and you can analyze the problem through the log.
Best wishes