EG915U : URC on new selected band ? URC on RSRP change?


I find the “AT+QINDCFG=“act”,1” and “AT+QINDCFG=“csq”,1” that seem to show changes on selected network technology and on RSSI value.

But is there any solution to know about

  • change on selected band ?
  • change on RSRP ?

Thanks for help

Sorry,I don’t quite understand the problem you said, could you take a screenshot to show the problem you encountered?

Sorry, I was on holidays last 2 weeks, that’s why I don’t answer you…

In our application, during the period between the QIOPEN and the QICLOSE (can be several days), we would like to know the band and the RSRP of “each” main data transfer.

It seems that with “AT+QINDCFG=“act”,1 ” and “AT+QINDCFG=“csq”,1 ” , Unsolicited Result Codes will be received in case of change of network technology, and change of RSSI.

But we are interesting in receiving such URC in case of change of selected 4G band, or change of RSRP (to log this information in a file).
Is there a solution to get such URC ?