EG915U Missing QDAI Documentation

Hi. I can make voice call with EG91 modem with these AT+QDAI settings : AT+QDAI=1,1,0,2,0,1,1,1( We have an external codec IC - DA7212) When I send the same settings to EG915U,the modem returns +CME ERROR: 902 message. Before sending QDAI command, I am sending AT+QAUDSW=0 command and the modem returns +CME ERROR: 901. I couldn’t find any information about QDAI command in any documents related to EG915U. 902 error message means invalid parameter and I can not find any info what the correct parameter should be. How can I set the modem as a slave device?

Hi @kemal_serkan
I can send you a test reference if needed.

Hi lyman-Q. We changed modem to EG915N. As far as I understand QDAI setting is the same with EG91(AT+QDAI=1,1,0,2,0,1,1,1), but I can not make a voice call. There is a noise on ring tone.