EG915U - latest AT command list and firmware

Where I can find latest firmware and all AT commands lists for EG915U?
Why EG915U does not exists on quectel official web?

Please provide your current firmware version

My parts are comming, I don’t have yet so don’t know firmware version. It should be next week.
I’d like to start from updating to newest firmware and working with newest AT command lists.

EG915U contains many sub-models, and specific models need to be provided

Is it enough information for identify newest firmware and AT command set?
It just arrived, but waiting for PCB’s.

Thank You for firmware. Do You have also AT command list updated? Or summary release note?

I have sent it to you by email, please check

Hi @herbert.pan-Q I have the same modules and Im finishing prototyping stage. Can you please share latest FW and AT commands as well? I, using ECM to connect to internet but I spot that sometimes when it loose GSM signal connection is not done automatically. I hope that this would be solved in newer FW.


I have sent it to you by email, please check

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I have a similar problem. I’m using it with linux with a PPP connection and it loses connection when it’s sending/downloanding data for more than around 90seconds. The same hardware with a M95 doesn’t not have this problem. Please, send me the latest firmware and the software to flash it. My current version is :
Revision: EG915UEUABR02A04M08

Thank you

I have sent it to you by email, please check

Thank you. I’ve received it but I doesn’t incluede the software to update the firmware. Could you send it to me too?

Thank you.

Thank you again. The new firmware, pending extensive testing, has solved the connectivity problem.



Now I have EG915NEUAGR03A06M16 is the firmware you send me compatible with this module? If not can you please share correct one for this product.Thanks

Is any newer firmware than EG915UEUABR03A01M08_01.004.01.001 ?
For module: EG915UEUAB-N05-SNNSA

I have sent to you by message