EG915U : keepalive has no effect when using LTE


To maintain connection, I’m using AT+QICFG=“tcp/keepalive” (AT+QICFG=“tcp/keepalive”,1,30,25,3).

  • When in GSM mode, the connection is maintained as expected
  • But when in LTE (or auto) mode, the connection stops with +QIURC:“pdpdeact” / POWER DOWN after approximately 1 minute. The behaviour is the same with Orange ou Bouygues operators.

If someone can help me to solve my problem…

May i ask what firmware are you using?

I’m using the EG915UEUABR03A01M08 firmware.

No more help needed on this subject : I solve my problem with an internal software solution…

OK,got it,That’s great!