EG915U-EU Windows 10 driver

Hello !
I would like to connect my EG915U to my PC via USB cable to test some AT commands. I need the driver to see it as a Com Port. Unfortunately, the “main” driver available on your web site doesn’t seem to work… The installer immediately closes in the “Preparing to install” window, even in admin mode. Do you have please any advice or other driver ?

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Please provide the name of the driver you installed

I’m pretty sure that the driver is not fully installed but the name is “Quectel_Windows_USB_Driver(Q)_NDIS_V2.2”

The driver may be sent incorrectly. I have resend it to you

I download it and it is going on the same way… Closing without any message at something like 10% of the “Preparing to install” window :frowning:

Maybe a conflict with an other installed software but i’m new to my company and the PC was totally clean like 2 days ago.

Please replace the PC and try