EG915U-EU on EVB, can recieve data, but cant send AT commands


I am trying to get AT comands to work with the LTE modem on the evaluation board.
I am having issues to get the board to work properly.
My guess would be that it is either a hardwere or a driver issue. This is my current setup:

Currently i have the board connected from the micro USB board to my PC to power it,
and connected through COM1 (main) port to my pc with the included cable, where it shows up in device manager as “USB serial port (COM22)”.

I have installed every single windows driver that comes included on the CD and the USB (Quectel_Windows_USB_Drivers_For_UGxx_V1.1, Quectel_LTE_Windows_USB_Driver_V2.0,
Quectel_LTE_Windows_USB_Driver_RNDIS_V1.0.2,Quectel_LTE&5G_Windows_USB_Driver_V2.1, Quectel_USB_Drivers_For_UC20&UC15&EC20_V1.1)

I am runing QNavigator V1.6.9. When i try to connect the module on COM22 at baud 115200, it returns the folowing message:

/* Start AT SYNC: Send AT every 500ms, if receive OK, SYNC success, if no OK return after sending AT 10 times, SYNC fail */
[2022-09-05 09:58:25:084_S:] AT
[2022-09-05 09:58:25:596_S:] AT
[2022-09-05 09:58:26:105_S:] AT
[2022-09-05 09:58:26:636_S:] AT
[2022-09-05 09:58:27:160_S:] AT
[2022-09-05 09:58:27:679_S:] AT
[2022-09-05 09:58:28:183_S:] AT
[2022-09-05 09:58:28:702_S:] AT
[2022-09-05 09:58:29:221_S:] AT
[2022-09-05 09:58:29:736_S:] AT

/* No OK return after 10 times, will pop out error message of SYNC fail, you may check below settings are correct and then connect to module again:
1.the module power on normally
2.serial port cable is connected
3.the baudrate in serial port parameter set is the same with module */

When i try sending at commands manualy, it also doesnt return anything.
On the board the power LED is permanantly on, while all the other LEDs are off. If i press the reset button, i get multiple messeges in this format:

DSR:0 CTS:0 (RI:1) DCD:0

This comfirms that the pc can at least read data from the modem.

Am i missing a critical step that i am not aware of? The module doesnt have a SIM card yet since that is on its way, but i would assume that it works without it normaly.

Sorry for late reply. Did you solve it?
Could you take the photo of the device manager?

Seems this drivers are not for EG915EU. I guess it.

yes i did manage to solve it. I am quite embaresed actualy. turns out you have to HOLD the power botton for a few seconds until the status starts flashing. Otherwise its not turning on the actual module.

Yes. It should be more than 2 secs

I have sent the win driver by email.