EG915U-EU I cannot make a call to the device


I’m using EG915U-EU at EG915U-E-TE-A mounted in UMTS&LTE EVB KIT.

I can send/read text messages and make a call (all via AT commands). But when i call to the sim card number in the module, the call is rejected after one ring.

After a few tries, I changed the option Network Search Mode Configuration to GSM (2G)

Then i can call to the module and got RING and +CLIP notification on uart.

So… why calling from module is working on LTE but call to module is not?
Any ideas?

Module firmware is:

Sorry for my english… not my native language :frowning:


I will send you the latest firmware by email, please download and test this function, thank you

Could you please email me the firmware tool and upgrade procedure?

Hello It seems that I have a similar problem.
when I set AT+QCFG=“nwscanmode”,3
The module stops receiving calls or making calls. I wanted to test VoLTE and SMS over4G.
SMS can be sent and received when the network scan mode is st to be 3: LTE does that mean the SMS is being sent over LTE?
This is the firmware version that I have:EG915UEUABR02A05M08
is this the latest one ? if no please code you send the last firmware to me as well.

Hello Felix,

I am testing MQTT protocol on a EG915U module with firmware version EG915UEUABR02A05M08

I am experiencing the following behavior: as a subscriber to a specific topic, the modem is able to receive up to 16345 bytes: even one more byte and the modem does not receive data anymore and need a reset (AT+CFUN=1,1) and the MTTQS commands have to be resent to estrablish connection with the broker again.

I have performed same test on an EG912Y-EU module with a firmware revision EG912YEUAAR01A08M16 and the same behavior occurs at more than 128KB.

I need to be sure to receive at least 64KB of data via MQTT. Why this limitation on EG915U? Can be a firmware problem?

I can provide more information if you need it to support me somehow.

Thanks you in advance