Eg915u-eu drivers

Hi, I need the latest drivers for the EG915U-EU modem. I am asking for drivers for windows and linux (USB,RNDIS). Thanks!

I’ll send it to you by email.

Your email rejected my delivery.
Please send email to

Hello Mr. Bean Wang, I’m need to make changes to the EG915U RIL drivers to change the behavior of some USB ports and to be capable of changing my SIM Card.
This change needs to be done so when I compile my Android 7.1.2 user system, the RIL Daemon that is installed within it comes already modified.
Can please send me de RIL Drivers source code so I am able to make these changes?

Hi @joaocarlosroxcode
Have you got the from Quectel?
For EG915U, the lastest RIL should support.
I am sorry that I cannot send you the RIL driver source code.
Only the customer who have signed NDA with Quectel I can send them the source code.
I will send the you lastest ril driver.