EG915U compatibility with EG912Y (use more than one AT USB virtual port)


we need to substitute the Quectel EG912Y with a EG915U.
The old modem works controlled by an STM32 bare metal application (no OS…only usb/uart connection and at commands). In detail out application need to transfer a lot of files at high speed so for us it is useful the presence of two USB AT command interfaces.
After having powered-on the EG915U module on the EVB kit , we noticed that only one USB AT command (virtual) port is available (COM13 on windows). usbnet is set to 1 (ECM).
Question 1: is it possible to increase the number of AT command port (eg. use the other virtual port as AT port)?
Question 2: if only one AT port is available…is there a way to send multiple files using a single usb AT port?
Note: We do not use linux (-> bare metal code) so we can trasnfer files only using at commands.
Thanks in advance for your support

Best regards,
Alessandro Giuliani

I add the revision of the firmware of my EG915…

Revision: EG915UEUABR03A01M08_OCPU_QPY

Is it this the problem?
How can I upgrade to not qpy(thon) version…? The problem is that qflash does not detect the modem (no DM port present…)