Eg915u audio at command


I need to play audio with eg915u module. I use this firmware : QPY_OCPU_V0002_EG915U_EUAB_FW
I got already error code when i try to use audio at command.


How can i use these command ? i want to write python script with qpycom. is a firmware update available with these command ?

Thank you.

Could you please use AT+QGMR to check the firmware version you use?

Here the version :




are you using the open version of the module? The firmware and SDK of Open version need to be released after corresponding sales evaluation. Thanks.

I’m not usin the open version. I used ope evb board with eg915u eval board. I change the firmware by my own (downloaded from QuecPython) but with this firwmare i cant use audio at command. I want to go back with the original firmware.

Thank you

OK,please give your e-mail,and i will send the firmware to you.

send to you,pls check.