Eg915u, at+csq & at+qcsq


With EG915U module, I connect either on GSM (2G) or LTE (4G) (chosen with AT+QGCFG=“nwscanmode”,1,1 or AT+QGCFG=“nwscanmode”,0,1, followed by AT+QIACT and AT+QIOPEN)

After sending data, I disconnect (AT+QICLOSE, AT+QIDEACT)
Then, I try to get the rssi of the used GSM/LET band using both AT+CSQ and AT+QCSQ.

When using LTE, both commands return correct values.

But when using GSM,

  • AT+QCSQ returns +QCSQ: “GSM”,-70 as expected
  • but AT+CSQ always returns +CSQ: 99,99

Is there any reason that can explain this behaviour ?
(I would prefer to use AT+CSQ, for compatibility to previously used GSM modules)

CSQ-RSSI corresponds to LTE-RSSI