EG915N UAC Mode : Audio quality issue


I am currently working on EG915N on Ubuntu 22.04.
I activated UAC using AT Command :


After modem reboot, Ubuntu detect the modem as sound card (Android).
I set up this sound card as Output and Input Device.

I finally tried to use aplay and tinyplay to test as mentionned in “LTE Standard UAC Application Note” in a phone call :

tinyplay music.wav -D 0 -d 0 -c 1 -r 8000


sox music.wav -t wav -b 16 -r 8000 -c 1 music_8000_16b_1c.wav
aplay music_8000_16b_1c.wav

I am able to hear the song but far way and very “chopped” and some noise, it’s difficult to understand something.

Is someone has experienced this issue before ? Or am i missing something ?

Thank you,

I don’ Know how to make VentaFax reproduce and enable the speaker and microphone…

Unfortunately me neither. I never used VentaFax

thank you anyway @AurelienB Merci! :slight_smile: