EG912Y ACM Linux driver


I am trying to communicate with your LTE module EG912Y from a linux-based SBC via USB. I suppose that cdc_ether class device and one or more virtual serial lines for AT commands (e.g. /dev/ttyACMx) should be available. But now, ACM does not appear as this module is not yet added to the mainline Linux kernel probably.

Can you please share a patch of the /driver/usb/serial/options.c to add support for this module (with VID:PID 2c7c:6001) ?

Thank you!

We don’t have the patch for this, you can modify the option.c following the picture below.

Add ECM support:

Thank you @Isaac.Wang-Q ! Modem is now working OK.

One more additional question - on your Devboard(EG912YEUAA-N06-TA0AA), two antennas are used, but in the EG912Y datasheet, only one antenna is listed as available on the LGA126 package. Why is there this difference? How many antennas should be used in the final design?

Thank you for answer!