EG91 Tx power control


Is there a way to control the tx power of the EG91? There is one band where we would like the radio to stay within some predefined power envelope. Specifically, it seems like in LTE band 3 the tx power is too high. Not sure why, and the HW will not be changed, so we need to scale down LTE band 3 tx power.

Hi @albert.aribaud
The tx power of the module changes dynamically due to the influence of the wireless environment.

Hi @lyman-Q and thanks for the reply.

However, in our case, the issue arises in an anechoid Faraday cage during compliance testing, so the environment is not a cause here.

All bands are within limits except LTE band 3, and this happens consistently for two samples of our product.

Hi again @lyman-Q

I’ve been told by the testing folks that TX power UMTS band 1 is also too high, but only by about 0,15 dB (while in LTE band 3 is it is too high by 2,01 dB).

[EDIT: LTE band tx power was incorrectly stated as being 3.01 dB too high; it is actually 2.01 dB too high]

Hi @albert.aribaud
May I ask whether this test is tested under the network deployed by myself, or under the network of a public operator?

It is under a test network (a Rohde & Scwharz tester).

Hi @lyman-Q – do you need any other information?