EG91 PPP connection failure in Qnavigator

Hi there,

I am very new to Quectel modem technology and using a Quectel EG91 module with the devolvement board. Currently trying to establish a simple PPP connection using Qnavigator but it always fails to dial. I have looked through the PPP application note as well and seems like I’m doing everything alright but still can’t figure out what’s going wrong.

In my PPP tab the settings are as follows:

Hi Zeeshan_Ahmed:
Please check the SIMcard status(use “AT+CPIN?” to check) and the network status(use “at+cops?;+cgreg?;+cereg?” to check).
You can send us a screenshot of the result.

Hi Winnie,

I have tried to check the status of sim and network, both are fine.

The result is same when I try to establish a PPP connection.

The sim card status and network were as follows:
sim check cmd

Hi Zeeshan_Ahmed:
Have you confirmed the Access Point Name, user name and password of the operator?

The APN settings are all okay.

If I manually type the "AT+CGDCONT=1,“IP”,“GIFFGAFF” and then dial ATD*99# it returns me connect with some baudrate message. I cannot send further AT commands. If I try to switch it back to command mode by “+++” still it doesn’t come back. I have to manually press the DTR button to forcefully terminate PPP session.

Hello there
You can follow the picture settings to try whether the dialing can be successful(make sure your module’s APN is rightand registered the network successfully)image
If it do not work, you can reference the PPP applicate document and try it on Windows PC.