EG91-EX +QLWURC PDP Active Failure Issue and LTE RF Transmit


I am trying to transmit RF for LTE bands but I am not seeing any signal on a spectrum analyzer. The commands that I am using are:

AT+COPS=2 <Response: OK>
AT+QRFTEST=“LTE BAND12”,23095,“ON”,65,1 <Response: ALL IS UP>

<Response: OK>
<Response: RDY>
<Response: +QLWURC: “pdp active”,“failed”,“attm2mglobal”>
<Response: +QLWURC: “deregister”,0>

If I attempt to repeat the AT+QRFTEST command, I will get a CME error <Response: +CME ERROR: 3> and I’d have to start over again. However, there is no signal visible at 709 MHz (LTE BAND12) so nothing appears to be transmitted.

If I type in the following command:


The response will be the same as before:

<Response: +QLWURC: “pdp active”,“failed”,“attm2mglobal”>
<Response: +QLWURC: “deregister”,0>

I’ve tried this command, which changes the outcome of +QLWURC after the second attempt:

AT+CGREG=2 <Response: OK>
AT+QLWREG <Response: OK>
<Response: +QLWURC: “pdp active”,“failed”,“attm2mglobal”>
<Response: +QLWURC: “deregister”,0>
AT+QLWREG <Response: OK>
<Response: +QLWURC: “pdp active”,“successfully”,“”>
<Response: +QLWURC: “initial”,“successfully”,100>
<Response: +QLWURC: “dtls”,“failed”,100>

I am still unable to see the RF transmit signal with the above commands. What am I missing here? The EG91-EX AT commands manual does not include any commands for AT+QRFTEST. Is there a different command that I can use? If this helps, I am currently located in North America (Canada).

Hi @Electrikzity
Is it normal for you to test other frequency bands?

Hi @lyman-Q, I was made aware that the frequency band I was testing at is not supported by EG91-EX. Using the correct frequency band per the table below has resolved my issue.

OK,got it,have a nice day.