EG91-EX module is not generating SIM voltage

We are using Eg91 module for our wearable product but we are facing one issue that ESIM is not getting detected, We are geting CME error 10 on AT+CPIN command.

Dear Shani,
Thanks for your inquiry in Quectel forum.
Please double check your SIM card circuit design, and confirm whether it have any abnormal. Thanks!

on SIM present pin we have mounted 100K pull down.

Please refer to the SIM card reference design. Thanks!

The support we provided is just for reference, of course you have refer to the hardware design file before design your own board without any doubt . Thanks!
For your issue, we need to confirm the hardware design and your test board are matched, because we meet many issues caused by test board not the hardware design. There are lack the . Then you need to check whether the module power on normally, you can use oscilloscope to monitor the waveform of VBAT, SIM_VDD, SIM_DATA, SIM_CLK.
All the above just the suggestion, of course we believe that you have rich experience in hardware design to solve such small problem. Thanks !