EG25GGB-MINIPCIE on DI-1100 not working with Verizon

Hello everyone,

We have recently used a EG25GGB-MINIPCIE module on a DI-1100 computer which runs window 10.

We have moved the system to the USA and tried Verizon Sims on the module. But there was no success. Further investigation implies this module is a Verizon approve one and is listed on their website.

We need unlimited data plan on this computer as it uploads heaps of data every day.

I understand a IMEI number is required for the registration and activating a Sim card, but which IMEI number, the module itself or the DI-1100 computer?

We have already tried this module in Australia and the UK without such problems, we got a data sim card with required plan and activate it and used it right away.

We were also going to swap the module with EC25-AF, as I found it to be working hassle free compared to EG25GGB, but just wanted to make sure we are on the right path.

I appreciate any inputs and ideas to tackle this issue.


In general, you need to provide the IMEI of the module