EG25GD - Verizon Certification


We trying to get certification in verizon on our device with EG25G(D) module in it. The certification is stuck now on the 4GC3 3.2 and in lab they are not able to run through this step:
Module is not connecting to VZWINTERNET apn automatically whe dynamic sim is inserted.
“(Ensure Class 3 APN changes to static APN (we01.VZWSTATIC → VZWINTERNET)”

We have probably actual FW in module (eg25ggdr07a08m2g_0100301003)

Thank you in advance for your help.


Hello, can you try the configuration as “VZWINTERNET” and then remove and insert the card and wait for a while to see if it becomes “we01.VZWSTATIC”, because I have encountered similar problems before.

Did you ever find a resolution to this problem? We are stuck at the same step in the Verizon certification process with the EC25-AFX module running firmware EC25AFXGAR07A04M1G which is the latest and active release of certified Verizon firmware.