EG25G get ATR from SIM (trying to use a SIM switch)


I’m trying to evaluate if we can use a EG25G with an TXS4558 SIM switch.
In this case we would need to set the SIM voltage manually.

According to ETSI TS 102 221, Chapter 6.2, Supply Voltage Switching:

The terminal shall initially activate the UICC with the lowest voltage class available, i.e. the class providing the lowest
voltage. If no ATR is received, the UICC shall be deactivated and activated with the next higher class, if supported by
the terminal. If an ATR is received at the first applied voltage class, the contents of the ATR shall be analysed by the

ATR … Answer To Reset, generated by the UICC

Is there any way to get the ATR via At commands from the QG25G?
If not possible, is there a way to detect if the SIM initialisation has failed because of the wrong voltage level, so we can try the next higher one?

Hi there,
Our module support 1.8V and 3.0V (U)SIM card, If 1.8V is unsuccessful, the module will use 3.0V, thank you.