EG25 Windows Drivers?


I’m currently looking to update the firmware on an EC25 module, and need to be able to confirm that it is visible on the windows computer I have available.

Does anyone know where I might be able to find a set of Drivers that will allow for this to happen?

Hello Iain_Statsports, thanks for your question
You can use ATI to query the version information of the module, and then send the screenshot to We will send you the updated firmware of EC25. If you need other tools and documents, you can also send a request to this mailbox, thank you.

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On a second glance it this reply I would like to note that I already have the required firmware with which to update the module, but I have been unable to see the module when using the QFlash tool on my Windows device.

Do you have any advice with regards to this issue?

Hello lain_Statsports, thanks for your feedback
The QFLASH upgrade process can refer to the figure below. After selecting the correct firmware version, you need to select the DM port and then click the start button. The module will be upgraded automatically. If you cannot find the virtual serial port of the module in the device manager, please make sure your driver is correct. You can also try to uninstall the driver and install it again.