EG25 not selecting network with SIM operator

I m using EG25 Mini PCIe LTE and i have inserted SIM card into module and I m trying to select and register network operator with module using following AT command my network operator name is “EE”
after enter above at commd its return +CME ERROR : 30
and its not set my network operator with module
When i tried with automatic network selection below at command
its return OK but when i enter AT+COPS? at command to check selected network operator its return +COPS : 0 and not showing network name it means network is not selected.

Also i cant send SMS due to network selection not working
my network operator “EE” is supported or not with EG25 module it’s UK network operator.
Please help me with any solutions

EG25-G Mini PCIE LTE can be used all aroud the world.
+CME ERROR:30 means No network service
I suggest that you
1.AT+QSIMDET command check your SIM card whether it is inserted or not.
2.Check your SIM card whether it is READY or not by AT+CPIN command.