EG25-G switch the different Cell Towers continuously and High ping at the switching time


I’m running the EG25-G by using quectelCM, Singtel (Singapore) network, firmware EG25GGCR07A02M1G, the device is not moving, but the cellular module switch to another cells continuously. For example: The cellular module is connected to Cell 14786572 (LAC: 501), after 30s, it switch to Cell 3760416 (LAC: 501), after few seconds it switch to Cell 3760416 (LAC: 501), then switch back to 14786572.

The normal ping is 40ms, but right after switching to new cell, ping increased to 2000-3000ms, then it back to normal.

Please help me:

  1. How can I limit the cell tower switching?
  2. How to reduce the ping latency at the switching time?
  3. I can use QNWLOCK to lock the network, but to disable this lock command, I need to restart the module. Is there a way to disable QNWLOCK without restarting the module?
    Thanks for the help.

Sorry, at present, the frequency can only be locked by AT+QNWLOCK=“lte”,1, and this command can only be sent after the module is started.
Best wishes