Eg25-G sim card issue

Hi, I have designed a customized board with EG25-G for my application. I have followed all the rules of Quectel hardware design and reference design. when I turn on my customized board the module is getting power up but the sim card is not getting detected. I have used a 6 pin sim card connector without sim presence pin. I am not getting any voltage at usim_vdd point. I am able to get usim_vdd external voltage to ensure that the module is powered up. The module is soldered by machine, not by hands.

Dear Sir,
Thanks for your inquiry.
About your issue, could you use the oscilloscope to check the waveform of SIM_VDD, SIM_DATA,SIM_CLK when module power on ? We should make sure whether the module have the SIM card identification process. Then make sure the SIM card circuit is the same as the following picture. Thanks!