EG25-G QDL mode

Hi, I just recently acquired an EG25-G (EG25GGB-256-SGNS) module and after normal use it just wend into QDL mode.

I tried to use atcom and minicom on /dev/ttyUSB0 and couldn’t get a response from the device.

I’m looking for tools,firmware and instructions that could help me restore the module so I’m able to use it again. Happy to provide any extra information needed.

I’m still unable to find any information, so any help would be appreciated. It looks like all the tools and firmware need to be requested :sweat_smile:


I think you need to change the working mode using At command better use windows or GUI QNavigator then use this AT command to change mode
the number its define the protocol of net port where 0 for RMNET 1 for ECM and 2 for MBIM and 3 for RNIDS.

also delete any other drivers its look like wrong driver or disable the auto update and use manual install for QuecTel linux drivers.

I hope its useful.

Yes. It went into download mode.
Could you take a photo of the EG25-GB and show me waht the IMEI is?
And then I will try to sent you the firmware and flash tool.

please we sent too many emails to support with no replay
see I have issue also with EC25EU it not reading the IMEI number and gave registration error
can you PM me IMEI tools or other firmware to fix it , I have the firmware EC25EUGAR08A01M4G I got attached after flashing the module.

You‘ve said it is EG25GGB-256-SGNS but you flash it with firmware for EC25EU?
The IMEI is on the shield of the EG25GGB.

Which module do you have?

If you know the IMEI of the module, you can get the original firmware from

IMEI Verification (

And then I can sent you the firmware.

This topic is about the EG25G-GB.
If you have any problem with EC25EU, you can create a new topic about it.
You can @ me my email is

Thanks for replay.
I thought all EC25 Series are same different only on working band , I sent you all error log by email.