EG25-G Power down issue

I have power down issue, using EG25-G module. When i hold down PWR Button or send AT+POWD=1, The module is powering down, all leds turn off, but after few seconds the module turns on by itself.

If I open serial port and try to turn-off the module, I see


Then status led turns off and after 10 seconds it turns on again.

Dear Kaloyan,
Thanks for your inquiry in Quectel forum.
Please double check whether the power supply for EG25 module is stable, you can montior the VBAT votage with oscilloscope. You also can check whether the RESET or PWRKEY have pulled down to GND. Thanks!

It was nothing related to power supply, but the PC i had issues on. I have made an udev rule for setuping EC25 module as wwan device and use it as 4G modem with qmicli tool. My suggestion is that somehow it makes EC25-G module turning on, after being powered down. On other PC’s without that udev rule, there is no such effect.

If that, it is better to change it. Thanks!