EG25-G on Verizon

We have purchased Quectel EG25-G as part of product trials that we are running on the Verizon network. When trying to get them onto the Verizon network, then the IMEI checker declines the device as not being compatible. It also refuses to accept it the Verizon M2M management system. It works fine with ATT and TMobile.

How can we get the different IMEI numbers approved for Verizon?

By the way it is also impossible to submit any form on the Contact > Support page - it keeps showing Submitting…

Dear sir,
Thanks for your inquiry in Quectel forum.
About your issue, please make sure you purchase EG25G module from our formal channel, and the module FW version is EG25GGBR07A08M2G that have passed Version certificate. Thanks!
Please note that if you use the right firmware, the IMEI number also should be have no problem. If you still have the issue, it is better to provide more information to us, then we can help to solve your issue. Thanks!

@Kyson we do have purchased those through official Quectel channel and the modules have firmware 7A08M2G installed. Although 8A08M2G is now available.

The IMEI number is not recongizedby VZW. You can also check it on their IMEI checker website.

Dear Sir,
Please check the following document. Thanks!
How to register on VZW network v2.pdf (405.7 KB)