EG25-G MPCIE, MPCIE EVB KIT, hardware button to answer calls

I bought an EVB KIT for mpcie modules and an EG25-G with sim adapter on the back.
The evb kit has a sim holder too.
Is there a way to answer a call with hardware buttons directly on the EVB KIT?
Are there some pins dedicated to this function? I’m basically trying to achieve a standalone cell-phone function, in case the main system fails, for whatever reason.

Is this possible?

OR, do I have to use a specific controller which can send AT signals through serial, maybe with hardcoded options, like answer/close incoming call (and relative hardware buttons)?

Thanks for any hint/help in this direction.

Hi ;
You can use Mini PCIe EVB+EG25 Mini PCIe to make calls, and use AT commands ATDxxxxxxxx (mobile phone number); to make calls. Voice communication can be carried out on EVB by connecting earphones or handsets

Hi, did you read/understand the question ?
I can rephrase it if it isn’t clear.
I’m already using the module with USB and AT commands. I’m trying to answer calls WITHOUT the USB.
I need a fallback if the main system(the computer attached to the module) fails.
I suppose that there is no such thing as a hardware option to answer/close a call and that the only way is a dedicated microcontroller with serial communication and pre-coded functions with buttons to activate them.

Yes, as you understand. The use of EVB test can only be completed by the PC upper computer. In addition, you need an external MCU to assist in completion. You can achieve your purpose through serial communication and MCU information interaction.

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Thanks for the information. I hope it helps others too.