EG25-G Mini PCIe Reserved Pins

I want like to connect the EG25-G Mini PCIe module to a PCIe socket of a commercial gateway. The board has a 3.3V power supply connected to Pin 24 of the PCIe socket (3.3Vaux in the PCIe standard), but the module datasheet indicates that the pin should be left as Reserved. Later, the datasheet explicitly states “Keep all NC, RESERVED and unused pins unconnected”.

Is there any conflict if I connect Pin 24 to 3.3V?

Same issue with Pin 16 and signal UIM_VPP.

I’m glad to tell you that these three pins can be connected to 3.3v, please use it with confidence, thank you

Hi Felix,
just to clarify, I was asking about Pin 16 and Pin 24, which is the third pin you are referring to?
Thank you.