EG25-G mimo antenna


Following the product specifications of the LTE EG25-G, one of the key-features which is indicated is the support of MIMO. What I’m wondering now is whether this means full mimo functionality or whether it actually means SIMO (rx-diversity). This is because the brochure explicitly states MIMO for various modems, but not for the EG25-G.

Now I am looking for suitable antennas where I can use rx-diversity. However, I have read that there must be a certain minimum distance to ensure 10db isolation. Is it also possible to connect a standard MIMO antenna to both main and div? Or does a MIMO antenna not work for SIMO? Have already asked this question to several antenna manufacturers, but they do not know the answer.

I could possibly purchase a MIMO antenna, but how can I find out if it works well?

Thank you in advance.

Grtz Reinier

Dear Reinier;

You can buy a general LTE antenna. EG25-G generally does not use a MIMO antenna.
Meet the following antenna requirements

Dear Jouni,

Thank you for your response. Your advice is to purchase a general LTE antenna, but the intention is to also connect a second antenna to the RX-div connection. Does this mean that I have to connect two separate antennas? All kinds of rules have to be applied (such as antenna distances) that I don’t have enough knowledge about. To be honest, I had hoped that I could use a two-in-one antenna (such as a MIMO) in which all this is captured. But apparently that’s not possible?