EG25-G Maximum downlink bandwidth low about 76Mbps?

hi there, What is the maximum bandwidth the EG25-G should be reaching in the downstream direction ? I am not able to achieve more than 83Mbps downstream.

I’m using a RohdeSchwartz 4g simulator. Using Sierra and Cinterion modules, I can see 126 and 130Mbps. But when replaced with EG25-GB module, using quectel_cm utility; I can only get a maximum range of 79-83Mbps, depending on TCP or UDP.
I’ve eliminated all other variables, including Firewalls, QoS, Shaping, MTU, MSS (also used UDP), all Forwarding, CPU, Interrupts, etc.
Same results whether I use a Traffic generator or iPerf2.

The system CPU has enough juice to simultaneously forward additional 800Mbps of ethernet to ethernet traffic (medium size 300b pkts). There’s no difference in LTE downlink throughput with or without this other additional traffic running on other interfaces of same system. No drops, no retransmits, no Dup-acks, etc.

Is this possibly a Module firmware version issue ? What’s the latest firmware for US market ? I don’t have full libqmi, only uqmi. How can I get the current firmware revision info ? And how to flash.

I also vaguely remember that some miniPCIe slots had Levels and impedance issues causing 4G USB modules to be unstable. Is there a reference somewhere to verify and rule-out any slot issues ?
I’m wondering about this:

The uplink to LTE basestation is about 42Mbps. Which matches the EG25-G claimed 50Mbps uplink rate.
But the download is still close to 80Mbps. I can touch 82-84Mpbs at times.
I had believed that Download Cat-4 LTE in FDD would do 150Mbps, and 130Mbps in TDD case. This is what EG25-G Product brief also mentions.

When I check the capabilities, I see that 100M-symbols as maximum rx-rate. This is probably I see the 82Mbps low numbers. Not closer to 150Mbps. Am I missing something here ? Is it due to any difference in MBIM vs QMI mode, ? Raw-IP vs 802.3 etc ?

root@ATT-CERT-BED1:/# uqmi -d /dev/cdc-wdm0 --get-capabilities
“max_tx_channel_rate”: 50000000,
“max_rx_channel_rate”: 100000000,
“data_service”: “non_simultaneous_cs_ps”,
“sim”: “supported”,
“networks”: [