EG25-G: Is RESET_N pin function guaranteed even when module is not responsive?


For the EG25-G module, will driving RESET_N low and then high, according to the timing requirements mentioned in the hardware reference design document, absolutely guarantee that the module will be reset, even if the module is non-responsive (for egs., when the software of the module may have frozen due to an error or bug)?

Or is it recommended to have the means to cycle the power supply to the module to guarantee the ability to reset the module in case its software fails?

Thanks in advance.


Hi patrik,
RESET_N is available in all states like what you mentioned the module is non-responsive/crash, and we recommend that customers use RESET_N when they fail to turn off the module by AT+QPOWD and PWRKEY pin.

I have a related question (I hope this isn’t considered “hi-jacking”:

After the RESET_N is asserted then de-asserted, does the module come back in a powered-up state as though it had been OFF and turned on by the PWRKEY, or is further initialisation required?

Hello Andy,
RESET_N just restart the module, it will not initialize.