EG25-G firmware upgrade

It appears that most requests for an updated firmware will be sent by email.

Here is the output from “AT+QGMR” on my modem:

I will be upgrading this on a OpenWRT box (Linux) and it appears that QFirehose is the correct utility for this?

Please let me know any further details and any release notes for the current firmware.

Thank you


Jun 13 2020 16:25:23
Authors: QCT

Hi @jimbolaya
Yes can you give your e-mail?


Hi @jimbolaya
Send to you,please check.

Retrieved. Thank you.

Hello. I’m using openvrt 23.05 on teltonika rut955 and trying to update the software of the built-in mobile modem.
The PDF attached with the software indicates the required version of qfirehose 1.4.15, but the openwrt repository only contains 1.4.9.
Is it possible for you to send me the latest package for openwrt?

Unfortunately, you will likely have to compile it yourself. I loaded up my router with the rOOter firmware which has the package built in, but not as a separate package.

I found the Makefile for it that could be used, but it refers back to the 1.4.9 which is the one you likely found. You will need to ask the admins here to send you a new version and figure out how to compile it/add it to your build environment.

I’ll probably poke at it in the future, but it’s a very low priority.

I also found this:

Not sure if that will help.