EG25-G excessive power usage on band7

I’m testing the EG25G model for EMC testing. Using the AT+QRFTEST= command I’ve tried all the needed bands on multiple different channels one by one. I’m noticing a massively higher current draw on band 7 across the whole channel range. These are my power figures including 250mA for other circuitry, and before the DC-DC converter for the module. The current draw can be more but the supply is limited to 2A.

3G gain set to 70 power consumption
WCDMA BAND1 9612~9888 0.968A
WCDMA BAND8 2712~2863 0.850A

4G gain set to 62
LTE BAND1 18000-18599 0.695A
LTE BAND3 19200-19949 0.805A
LTE BAND5 20400-20649 0.531A
LTE BAND7 20750-21449 2.000A
LTE BAND8 21450-21799 0.566A
LTE BAND28 ~27500? 0.585A

We use 2 antenna’s, normal and diversity of 1002289F0-AA10L0100 AVX.

Can you tell me why band 7 could draw this high of a current? How can we resolve this?

There is no answer to this?