EG25-G eSIM support (how to load profiles)


we’re currently evaluating a EG25-G for an industrial product. Hereby an eSIM (e.g. STM ST4SIM-200M) shall be used.

One usecase is that profiles have to be loaded on the product and then it will be deployed.
Loading of the profiles and deployment will happen regularlay by the business customer.

Afaik eSIMs are electrically/physically supported.

But how can profiles be loaded on the eSIM and which procotols are used for that?
Is the STK (SIM ToolKit) required for this? It seems the EG25-G does not support the STK (see

Hi Random

For the EG25-G module you use, we can provide the following interface protocols: LTE module supports only biPLTE-A module that supports BIP and MBIM.