EG25-G disconnect from network - goes form at+cops=0 at+cops=2

I have encountered many times a phenomenon that once a place the EC25-G on frequency band and it starts scanning for suitable cell it disconnects from the network.
It goes from AT+COPS=0 to AT+COPS=2. I try to change it back by entering AT+COPS=0 and get +CME ERROR: 13. It take a minute or two and then I can go back to AT+COPS=0.
My firmware version is EG25GGCR07A02M1G_30.200.30.200

Please advise,


Could you show me your operation procedure so that you can find the problem easily?

I used the EC25G with a roaming SIM.

I configured it to be on LTE and use band 1.

The SIM did wan not allowed to roam in that country.

I noticed that the SIM tried to connect and then moved to COPS=2

I tried to change to COPS=0 and got error CME=13

Maybe it’s your SIM card. Try a SIM card that supports the local network.