EG25-G Certification


We have built devices using EG25-G PCIE module and undergoing CE certification now. The lab asked us to do a test for Cellular and GPS. They asked for the following questions. Can someone from the Quectel team guide us on these

  1. GPS test needs the carrier to noise-density ratio, expressed in dB-Hz

  2. Connecting to 2G/3G/4G: Insert SIM card->get signal->start use(start test). The problem is that our device didn’t get a signal after inserting the SIM card automatically. We need to enter APN, Username, and Password to connect. Is there any automatic setting like how phones identify and connect to the network?

Look forward to some direction.


You could use below AT command to set APN username password:


Yes, that is what we are using. I was wondering if there is an auto connection mode where we do not need to enter APN? How do phones identify the APN settings automatically when we insert the SIM card?

EG25-G module does not support auto connect feature. So you need to full fill this by manually.

Understood. Thanks for the quick response. Can you please share which module supports auto-connect feature? It would be quite useful. Also, GPS test needs the carrier to noise-density ratio, expressed in dB-Hz. Can you direct where I can find that information, please?


As different network needs different APN, the module could not support this feature. Module just a dvice and could not send command by itself. It could recevice some AT command follow the setting.

Understood. I would inform them.

Can you also please share the carrier to noise-density ratio for GPS testing, expressed in dB-Hz?