EG25-G Can't get outgoing call state

I´ve been trying to interface with the modem EG25-G using serial AT commands.

I´m able to set-up and receive calls with ATD and ATA and hang up using ATH.
AT+CLIP=1 correctly shows the calling number (inbound). And when the call is NOT initiated by the modem, I can query the status of the call with AT+CPAS. RING URC is also working (AT+QURCCFG=“urcport”,“usbmodem”) and (AT+QINDCFG=“all”,1) .

I’ve tried the following to determine the state of an ourgoing call but so far I have not been successful.
AT+COLP?: +COLP: 1,0 //Should be +COLP: 1,1
I get no confirmation URC when the other phone answers the call.

Using AT+CLCC works when the call is incoming but hangs when it is outgoing.
In fact, using any other command such as ATE0 in an outgoing call cancels the call.

I´m a bit lost and don´t know what else to try so any help is highly appreciated. I´m suspecting that the AT interface blocks when setting up an outgoing call.

Thanks in advance.

Software revision: EG25GGBR07A08M2G

Hello, you can try to use AT+COLP=0, directly corresponding.
Best wishes

With AT+COLP=0 im still unable to receive an URC with the call state.
We´ve tried with DSCI which works on all the other cases EXCEPT when the modem is the one originating the call. So we are still unable to detect when the receiver answers our call.
We do however receive an event if the receiver declines the call.
^DSCI: 2,0,6,1,XXXXXXXX,129

We are stuck with this problem. Any other idea we haven’t tried yet?
Thanks in advance.

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