EG25-G as a router


I have EG25-G MiniPCle module which I want to use to provide connection to my project. My project consists in a microcontroller which can connect to wifi, so I wonder if I can set up the module as a router rather than create a PCB.
I know about the AT command manual and the AT command Tester, but I am really lost, and since my module is inside a metallic box and my microcontroller is supposed to connect my wifi, I thought that the best solution would be router oriented.
Thank you so much

Please check the firmware version with
I think you can try the modem in ECM mode.
Then it might works as you expected.

Hello, I tried the command you provide me, in Qnavigator.

I got the following response:
[2024-05-20 19:31:03:700_S:] AT+QGMR
[2024-05-20 19:31:03:770_R:] AT+QGMR
[2024-05-20 19:31:03:770_R:] EG25GGBR07A08M2G_01.001.01.001

[2024-05-20 19:31:03:770_R:] OK
[2024-05-20 19:31:14:501_S:] AT+QCFG=“usbnet”,1
[2024-05-20 19:31:14:561_R:] AT+QCFG=“usbnet”,1
[2024-05-20 19:31:14:561_R:] OK
[2024-05-20 19:33:17:176_S:] AT+QWIFI?
[2024-05-20 19:33:17:246_R:] AT+QWIFI?
[2024-05-20 19:33:17:246_R:] +QWIFI: 0

[2024-05-20 19:33:17:246_R:] OK
[2024-05-20 19:33:29:177_S:] AT+QWIFI=1
[2024-05-20 19:33:29:238_R:] AT+QWIFI=1
[2024-05-20 19:33:59:251_R:] ERROR

I am stuck, I don’t know how to fix it.
Maybe is it related to the firmware version? How to update it?


Sorry. I may misundertand your question.
Do you have WIFI module connected with the EG25-G like FC20?

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Hello. First of all, thank you for your attention.
I don’t have Wi-Fi module connected, I just have LTE EG25-G MiniPCle built in a PCB, in the way I show in the images:

I thought this was enough to provide Wi-Fi to my project since it looks like a Wireless router. If that’s not the case, I might need to buy FC20, but I don’t have much time so I would need to buy a PCB from Quectel with this configuration, is this possible?


Again, thank you so much.

That’s why I am wondering whether you have FC20.
Because you try the
If just have the EG25-G connected with Windows via USB. It should support to provide internet connection for Windows by default. And you should set the usbnet to 0 or 2.

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I thought you were using USB to connect a Linux machine and wanted the module to provide the network to this Linux system. In this case, usbnet set to 1 works best.
The EG25G works as an ethernet interface and it can be taken as router, as I think.

If you have the FC20, you PC or cellphone can connect with the WIFI SSID provide by the FC20.
If so the EG25G might seems like a router.

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Hi again,
I don’t have FC20, sorry if I might have caused confusion with the AT+QWIFI=1.

I actually have an ESP32 which has Wi-Fi, and I wanted to use the module along with it to provide connection, but I guess I will need to connect the module to the microcontroller directly since without FC20 Wi-Fi is not supported?

How the ESP32 connect with the EG25G? USB or uart?

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Well, since in my PCB there is built an USB-C port, I will try to use it, but i find it complicated so I am thinking aswell to get FC20

The current biggest problem might be that how to use the USB host of the ESP32. I guess that.

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I find that difficult.

What could it be the best solution? Any suggestion?
Is there any other module that might work the way I expect?
Or is it better to connect EG25-G via UART, directly, and discard Wi-Fi?

If you know ESP32 very well you can implement the USB CDC and USB host stack, the freeRTOS also support ECM/RNDIS, you can set the EG25G to ECM mode (usbnet to 1).

I am not sure what exactly want.Do you want the EG25G to provide internet connection for our cellphone? If so you must need the WIFI.
If you just want to send some important data to some server, you can just try the Quectel TCP/IP AT command. And the uart is enough.

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Yes, I must send data to server with ESP32.
I will try the TCP/IP AT command.
Thank you.