EG25-G accepts new band map, doesn't actually change

I have an EG25-G that I need to lock to LTE Band 13 for Verizon related testing.

I’ve set the module to LTE only with AT+QCFG=“NWSCANMODE”,3

And after a lot of trial and error for formatting, I’ve set what I believe to be only Band 13 in LTE with AT+QOPSCFG=“scancontrol”,2,0,1000,0 (it did not like 0x on the 1000 hex value)

After this is done, I am running an AT+COPS=? where I would expect to see only Verizon (nothing else is in band 13 here) and instead I see every operator across all bands. I suspected it might still scan other bands even if it won’t try to use them, but when I set AT+COPS=0 and allow it to register normally, it’s connecting on other bands.

I’ve looked through existing posts as well as the AT command reference and have not found any other avenues to pursue.

Try AT+QCFG="band",0,1000

Syntax: AT+QCFG="band"[,<bandval>,<ltebandval>,<tdsbandval>[,<effect>]]

That appears to have worked - and I see that the breakdown for QCFG is split out to a separate document. Is there an official download source for that? Google only seems to find 3rd party hosts of it.

Yes, the EC2x&EG2x&EG9x&EM05 Series QCFG AT Commands Manual.

I don’t recall where I found and downloaded my copy from, but mine is Version: 1.0.

Managed to get a hit pointing toward their download. Created an account and found v1.1

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Thanks for the updated pdf.