EG25 - frequent 'disconnects', dropped packets

We’re using a EG25-G PCIe modem as a network adaptor for our Linux embedded PC. We encountered frequent and random disconnects (all packets are completely dropped while ) for 5-15 seconds. To verify the issue’s not on the Linux side of things I’ve set up a EG25-G module and a Windows PC connected via USB. (The PC does not use the EG25-G as a network adapter.)

I continiously send AT+QPINGs to the modem to make it ping Google DNS and query service quality data with AT+QENG=“servingcell”.

It works, the ping RTT is stable and in double digits, but every other minute or two AT+QPING fails with code 569, i. e. there’s a complete loss of connectivity, for about 10 seconds. This sometimes happens near cell switching events but not necessarily. The RF parameters are all reasonable (in fact, the only way to trigger a disconnect manually is to disconnect the antenna entirely, otherwise it’s random).

This happens both when the module is stationary and in movement in a car. Tried with 2 different service providers.

Below is a plot that shows how these disconnect events look:

This makes the module nearly unuseable. Are we missing some important configuation steps? Anyone ran into something similar?

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Hello, can you use AT+QGMR to check the firmware version you are currently using?

The firmware is EG25GGBR07A08M2G_01.003.01.003