EG25-AU Supported Countries

Hi there,
Apologies if this has been answered, just having a little difficulty confirming this online.

I’m looking at getting an EG25-AU for use in a Pi 5. However, before buying I want to confirm if this will work on 4G in both Japan and Australia? My browse of the spec listing / supported countries indicates so, but no mention of this specific product number.

I know the -G is an option, but its much easier to get the EG25-AU around these parts (Australia).

Many thanks for any insight.

The EC25-AU supports the Japanese LTE bands B1, B3 and B8 only.

It does not support B18, B19, B26 or B41. The EC25-J does support these.

However the EC25-J does not support B5, B7, B28 and B40 as used in Australia.

Many thanks! Would you say it’s safer to go with the EC25-G then? I’ve noticed a couple of the bands you’ve mentioned are omitted on the -G, but most are there.

Thanks for your help

As far as I can see, all Australian and Japanese LTE bands are supported by the EG25-G (EG, not EC).


Thank you so much! I must have been looking at the wrong model or something.