EG21-G sleep problem

I am using an EG21-G mini PCIe module with EG21GGBR07A11M1G_30.002.30.002.
EG21 is connected to MCU only via UART(Tx,Rx,RTS,CTS), DTR, PERST, W_DISABLE, so WAKEUP_IN is not connected.
Also I have connected NET_STATUS pin to external LED, to see modem activity.

I still not sure whether module is entered into sleep mode by command: QT+QSCLK. Modem always answared OK.
But LED NET_STATUS is still flicking asi in the idle mode, so I think modem is not enter sleep mode.
I also tried change the DTR pin level (pull up/pull down), nothing happend.

When I change EC21 instead of EG21-G, EC21 enters into sleep mode very nice, NET_STATUS is off.
So i know that my HW + SW is able to enter EC21 into sleep mode, but with EG21-H I am not sure.

Please, can I ask you for advice?

Thank you

Hello, only when all three conditions in the following picture are satisfied can the module enter hibernation. Meanwhile, try to disconnect unnecessary external devices of the module. To determine whether to enter hibernation, you can also use the current consumption meter to detect the current consumption of the module VBAT.