EG21-G DTS support for custom HW

Hi Expert!

We are using our custom HW. Our custom HW is based on TI (Texas Instrument) AM625 chip.
Our HW has quectel (EG21-GGBTEA-128-SGNS) module support.
Just want to know how we can use the EG21-G in our HW.
Need support for DTS binding for EG21-G.
FYI… got detailed data from quectel orgnization and followed below pdf for driver integration.
Applied all changes and enabled all configs for quectel.

Now just we want to do DTS binding for EG21-G. Is there any Document available for that?
We are using kernel-5.10 and YOCTO build system.
Let me know if required more!


Hi @smagar

Could you share the FW you are using.
If you are using standard firmware, you only need to install the USB driver, and then you can use USB serial devices (USB AT prot for sending AT command, USB DM port for getting the log from modem side and flashing the FW, etc.) and USB network card functions.

And I am not sure the “DTS” you are referring to, do you mean device tree source? It is only required in the QuecOpen solution to configure the module’s DSP.