EG21-G Airplane mode via W_DISABLE#?

The EG21-G Mini PCIe Hardware Design states

“EG21-G Mini PCIe provides a W_DISABLE# signal to disable or enable the RF function (excluding
GNSS). The W_DISABLE# pin is pulled up by default. Its control function for airplane mode is disabled by
default, and AT+QCFG=“airplanecontrol”,1 can be used to enable the function. Driving it low can make
the module enter airplane mode.”

When I enter AT+QCFG=“airplanecontrol”,1 , the EG21 returns ERROR

I am using the below revision

Revision: EG21GGBR07A09M1G

Please advise how to enable airplane mode with W_DISABLE#

I figured out what I did wrong. I needed to escape the quote characters

works as described

Hi Tommy

I’m glad you solved the problem. Next time you get a direct error message like this, you can use AT+ related command =? Check whether the function is supported. Such as AT+QCFG=?,then you can make relevant judgments.


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